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ADJ Design Team


Antonio D. Johnson

Over 15 years of experience, salaried and freelance, in professional graphic design for various businesses, non-profit organizations, and universities for both print and the web. Antonio is a freelance cover/pinup artist and graphic designer. He has created pinups for MAW Productions' "Turra: Gun Angel" and "Shinobi: Ninja Princess". He has done work and is a contributor for InkPot Comics. He is also the co-creator, co-author, and artist of "Bluff City Blues."

Tamika Johnson

Tamika is the co-author of the NOVIC "Bluff City Blues". She and her husband Antonio created this new type of book which blends comic and novel into one seamless reading. She currently lives in Memphis, TN with her husband and children. When she is not writing and creating content for their social media platforms she likes to read and play interesting board games.

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